Advanced sales with NLP
Fikr for training – a training for LIFE
By Jihad Abou Zeid

Advanced sales with NLP training program

Training your Sales force is the best investment you can do. Successful entrepreneurs and business owners know and accept the fact that teaching and training their people is the best way to reach the peak performance and productivity. It is a non-stop process that combines the capability of the trainer to deliver and the trainees to receive.

Training your sales force will lead your company to the next level. Where you can sell, upsell and create new products to compete in the market.

We are living in a time where people are the No. 1 product. With the high competition, the only product that is important to your clients is your own sales representatives.

Let’s talk a bit about the market. We find similar products and similar services which are the same under different names. Banks, insurance companies, cars, furniture and others. In other words, all are alike. When there is a new product creation, the very next day the competition will copy the same. So we will never really find a unique product or service for long.

At this level a very important question will surface:
How can you make your product or your service unique?

We at FIKR for training – a training for LIFE have found the right answer. What makes your company unique is your PEOPLE. In those people resides your progress, your future, your profitability and continuity.

Training your people

Sometimes we ask ourselves, SHOULD I keep training my people during the hard and rough times? The answer is obvious. You never leave your people unequipped. Your sales people are your company soldiers. If you back them, they will always make your fights, if you leave them, you will always fight and struggle.

Our advanced sales with NLP training program will transform your sales people into professionals. it is a smart combination between sales techniques and NLP methods to give our trainees the right tools to understand, perceive and act correctly in any situation.

By learning the sales techniques they will master the art of selling, Negotiating and closing deals. by Learning the NLP techniques they will be aware about their surroundings, they will understand others better and they will be able to talk their clients language. this is an amazing tool that facilitate and improve their communication skills to achieving better and immediate results.

The trainees will know how to handle hard times and clients. They will have a new market perspective and will know how to transfer opportunities into signed contracts.

At FIKR for training – a training for life, we TRAIN, TEACH, GUIDE and GO with our trainees through the same path in order to SUCCEED. We always believe that training is walking in front of your trainees to reach perfection and professionalism.

  • Sales scientific Steps
  • Sales techniques intro
  • Breaking the ice
  • Introduction about the sales person
  • Introduction about the company
  • Closing the deal
  • Rehash
  • Creating Rapport by using NLP techniques
  • Eliminating fears with NLP
  • Eliminating limiting barriers
  • Discover the Clients Representational System
  • Personal words
  • Magic words
  • Trans words
  • Setting Outcomes & targets
  • Art of Body language
  • Self confidence
  • Orientation
  • Meta model to challenge others language
  • Negotiation skills
  • Know your opponent
  • Potential discovery
  • Learning techniques
  • Energy transfer
  • Emotional control
  • Making phone calls
  • Follow up
  • Appointments
  • Consistency
  • Networking

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Advanced sales with NLP by Jihad Abou Zeid
– Master sales trainer
– Certified NLP Master practitioner and trainer by the American Union Of NLP ( AUNLP )
– Click the logo to check AUNLP website:

Advanced sales with NLP - jihad abou zeid certified trainer by the american union of NLP (AUNLP)

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