Vision and mission

Vision and mission
Fikr for training – a training for life
NLP / Sales / Achievement and Success training

Our vision and mission are firmly aligned to the purpose of evolving and creating a learning environment that leads to our partners success and progress.

Our vision @ FIKR

– We believe that every person has all the resources needed to succeed
– Everyone deserves a positive change in their lives
– Using our training skills to inspire others and empower them for a better life
– Create positive influence to everyone
– Create new training Methods to enhance professionalism and productivity
– Help others to reach their ultimate resources and goals
– Spread new perspective for a better future

Our Mission @ FIKR

– Change others’ lives by providing great training
– Develop and create new training methods to suit everyone
– Help individuals and companies upgrade their potential
– Make continuous training a part of life
– Create personalized training accessible to all
– Focus on direct training because it is interactive, engaging and will deliver better results
– Create a positive difference in our Trainees
– Continuously working hard for a brighter future

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