Real estate and valuation training

Fikr for training by Jihad Abou Zeid is providing a full set of training for the real estate sector

1- Real estate agents

  • How to deal with your Buyers
  • How to deal with your sellers
  • Data preparation
  • Site visits
  • Documentations
  • Backup and follow up
  • Understanding your clients’ needs
  • Give your clients what they want not what the buyers’ want
  • Finding new leads
  • PR
  • Bringing new clients
  • Social media

2- Property appraisers

  • Know your field
  • What laws to apply
  • Not all the reports are the same
  • How to prepare for your report
  • How to collect the data
  • How to start writing your appraisal report
  • How to do the calculations and according to what rules and laws
  • Discover and know your property
  • Ask the right question, the details will change all figures
  • Withdraw the right papers
  • Learn using the AutoCad and google maps to do the integration
  • How to reflect the reality in your report
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