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Body Language Training

Body Language Training

Body Language Training

Nonverbal communication

Our language is very expressive, through our language we can describe our experience. We can tell the world about our feelings, emotions, plans, moves, targets and express all other thoughts.

People usually give an immense importance to the spoken language or to words, while they ignore or don’t understand the importance of the other language hidden behind our body gestures.

Our nonverbal communication or body language is more sincere, pure and innocent. You can’t fake it. It is the mirror of what you are really thinking, even though your words may be saying the opposite, using the verbal language.

We are very attached to our EGO, and the way we protect it. Our verbal language is, most of the time, conscious. This means we can consciously change the way of describing reality. This is called lying.

We lie by using our verbal language to describe something different to what really happened or to what we feel, want and act. It is very easy to use words to convince others about something that is not true.

On the other hand, our body language is never wrong. We can’t control it, and if we could, we need lots of practice in order to master it, and only for a limited time.

Our body language is generated from our source core, from our subconscious mind, that’s why it is more sincere, honest and correct.

While watching people tell their story, and listening to their words, just watch their body language and you may be amazed to find a totally different story. 

Learn now the art of reading the body gestures, understanding others in a better way and getting the full story by combining between what’s being said and what really happened.