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It’s the Right Time to Master Your Mind Power

Start 2023 with new exciting learnings

This is the right time to start evolving our mental capabilities and knowledge. This is the right moment to dedicate enough time to ourselves to learn new skills and empower ourselves, instead of sitting there, tight, stressing against time while the hours and days pass by routinely.

This is the right time to start doing something new, don’t just stay sitting there at home doing nothing. Act now.

Start now evolving yourself, get rid of the boring routine that controls your life. This is the right moment to start learning something new. Act now.

Learn how you control your thoughts, how to remove the negativity that is pulling you down. Replace and improve your thoughts from negative to positive and productive ideas.

What Can NLP Do For You?

Did you know that NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming is used nowadays in all businesses and sectors to improve and raise productivity?

Did you know that business owners and executives around the world are using NLP practitioners and NLP coaches to help them maintain their positive mindset?

Did you know that most psychologists, psychotherapists, and mental therapists around the world are studying NLP now to improve results and communication?

Did you know that NLP is now helping millions of people around the world to conquer their negative feelings and attain positivity instead?

Did you know that NLP will help you to prepare your mindset to deal with the future in a preemptive step?

Did you know that NLP can help you to achieve your goals easily & naturally?

Did you know that NLP can help you to create any change you want easily and quickly, including boosting your self confidence?

Did you know that NLP is called the ‘Modelling of Human Excellence’?


Now You Know!

  • Start now developing your skills.
  • Start now creating new behavioral patterns.
  • Start now acquiring a new scientific and effective method to be able to control your life.
  • Start now because this is the right time and join hundreds of thousands of NLP practitioners around the world
  • Grab this opportunity to gain this insightful knowledge.

Change your life and others around you, and get certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner.

Interactive training on one of the best platforms online (Zoom), where you can communicate directly with the trainer and the other participants, live.

NLP Practitioner training program, NLP Master Practitioner, weekly training available.

Join now the most comprehensive NLP training online, directly with the Master Trainer Jihad Abou Zeid, the founder of FIKR FOR TRAINING, and the developer of the New Generation of NLP. The certification is from the UK.

Use Your Time To Learn New Skills Now

The Corona virus forced us to stay at home, sitting there incapable to be productive. We have to move now and do the right thing. This is the right time to learn something new. Things that stay with us and serve us for the better. New scientific knowledge that help us to move forward and thinking positively.

Let’s benefit from the time where the Corona virus has forced most of us to stay put.  This is the right time to learn something new before we go back to our daily routines. 

Let’s start now.  Learning from home instead of just staying at home.

Learn now while you have the time and before it is too late. When the routine is back to normal, time will fly and we will not find time to learn something new that is capable of changing our lives to the better. Act now and register today.

We are used to living habitually without having the opportunity or the ability to consciously choose the way our life should go. We are programmed to do things the way we do. We wake up at a certain time, we eat at a certain time, we do our jobs in a certain way, and almost everything is routinely programmed where we carry it out mechanically without conscious thinking. This is the right time to start something new, a new method to consciously control your life positively, to live a happier and more productive and creative life.

Many of you are trying to go out of this bubble we are living in. Many of you want to be creative and innovative and want to give more and change the world. This is the right time to take the first step in the right direction because this is your right. Act now and register today to start your journey to a better life.

What Will I Get?

Start now with the Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner program and discover the wonderful and amazing things you are going to get:

  • 48 hours of interactive training directly with Jihad
  • NLP practitioner certification from the International Union of NLP
  • Listing your name on the website as NLP Practitioner

What New Skills Will I Acquire?

Join the NLP course now and start your personal development process and learn the following

  • Learn the art of communicating with others on different levels
  • Learn how to conquer your negative thoughts
  • Learn how to conquer your fears
  • Learn how to control time
  • Learn how to organize yourself
  • Learn how to conquer the Anxiety
  • Learn how to conquer the Stress
  • Learn how to conquer the depression
  • Learn how to boost your positive vibes and energy
  • Learn how to control your feelings
  • Learn how to get rid of your bad behaviors
  • Learn how to resolve the conflicts with others
  • Learn the Towards thinking module
  • Learn how to conquer the past negative vibes and the feelings associated with it
  • Learn how to boost your confidence
  • Learn how to create new positive behaviors
  • Learn how to improve your sales skills
  • Learn how to be a leader and stop being a follower
  • These and many more skills to help you change your routine
  • Start Now to take control of your life

Learning NLP is life changing

All this and more for
ONLY $1500

Invest in yourself TODAY to change your life TOMORROW

NLP Practitioner Course Content

  • Intro to the Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Discover how the brain works
  • Discover the ATH ( Advanced Time Healing)
  • Discover the TDC ( Timeline deep Cleansing)
  • Discover the (CFSTP) the amazing discovery that changed NLP forever
      1. Receiving the external world
      2. Analysis process
      3. Storing process
      4. Recalling process
      5. Editing and replacement process
      6. Filters
        1. How filters get created
        2. How filters develop through time
  • The difference between actions and reactions
  • Behavior patterns, starting, editing through NLP
  • Communication channels
  • Expending your five senses
  • Eye accessing cues and mode of accessing the info inside the brain
      1. The movements
      2. The meaning of each movement
      3. Discover if others are telling the truth or not
      4. Discover how to insert info to the brain by using eyes movement
  • Discover the feelings sub-modalities
      1. Discover the sub-modalities
      2. How they start
      3. Changing the sub-modalities
  • State of excellence
  • NLP presuppositions
  • Advanced Meta-model
      1. Gathering information
      2. Discovering the structure
      3. Discovering the coding inside the brain
      4. Challenging other’s knowledge
  • Anchoring
      1. Simple anchors
      2. Changing anchors
      3. Collapsing anchors
  • Patterns
      1. Discover the patterns and behaviors
      2. Editing the old patterns and behaviors
      3. Creating new patterns and behaviors
  • Advanced Timeline: preparation to the ATH
      1. Elicit the Timeline
      2. Discover the 3 shapes
      3. Discovering the meaning of each shape
      4. How it starts and evolves
      5. Fix the Timeline
      6. Prepare the Timeline
      7. Transform the Timeline into chunks
      8. Start applying the TDC and ATH
      9. Future pacing
      10. Present pacing
      11. Past pacing
      12. Heal the inner child
      13. Use the pull back technique to reserve the Coding Direction inside the brain
      14. Use the white screens
      15. Roll Down Technique
      16. moving on the Timeline 
  • Breath opener technique
  • Balloon lock technique
  • Matching mismatching technique
  • Moon technique
  • New behavior generator
  • Punching bag technique
  • Boosting the self-confidence

Do you want this knowledge and this mind evolution?

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