What is NLP

NLP training in Lebanon. What is NLP?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), is an amazing field full of techniques, giving hand to practitioners and therapists, to create an immediate positive change inside the human brain. (IUNLP.com)

So after all what is NLP?
NLP is the human brain user manual.

Fikr for training – a training for life™  provides several NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training programs that are certified from the UK by the International Union of NLP.

( All participants who pass the test will get a certificate from the International Union of NLP – IUNLP )

1- NLP Practitioner

We train interested people to become NLP practitioners so that they can practice NLP to change their lives, as well as to practice NLP on others to help them solve their problems and live a more positive life.

NLP can be used to transform people’s lives to the better, help them acquire new habits, and forsake habits that are no longer needed. NLP can help people get over past issues in their lives and move forward to achieve new successes or to live a happier more fulfilling lives.

NLP can also be learned simply to improve communications in the business world, or on a personal level.

Whatever the reason for learning NLP, it is a very enjoyable experience that ends with an exam and a certificate from IUNLP (International Union of NLP).

2NLP Master Practitioner

If you would like to take NLP further, Fikr provides another certified program for NLP Master Practitioner, where more details into techniques and more understanding of how NLP works.

Our programs do not waste time on unnecessary details, but rather focuses on the essential techniques and incorporate workshops to ensure that NLP is practiced correctly to achieve results.

At the end of the program, an exam must be passed before certification from the International Union of NLP is given to successful participants.

3- NLP Techniques in Business

Fikr provides several training courses in Business, most notably is the sales training and the leadership training. NLP is incorporated into all these courses to help participants communicate better, understand the body language of their clients, co workers, peers or subordinates, and use NLP to effectively achieve positive results, prevent conflict, and to manage better communications.

NLP techniques are useful for everyone, including HR and people in leadership positions that need to effectively manage others. NLP provides a positive way to influence and motivate your team.

For more information and a free consultation, contact one of our consultants for an appointment.

4- Executive NLP

This is a special course for executives and CEOs. It helps you to understand NLP better and to put it to use in your day to day communication. NLP for executives will help you to become the ideal leader, with high motivation. Mastering NLP techniques to easily and naturally motivate your team, improve sales, improve your negotiation skills and become more effective at presenting your ideas clearly.

Executive NLP will help you achieve your goals naturally and easily, as well as improving your convincing skills and your influence on others.

5- Sales NLP

NLP can be used in business for a variety of purposes. It can be used to communicate ideas clearly, create rapport with your clients easily, and can be used in sales to increase income by closing more deals. Business NLP is a must for everyone involved in business. It helps you to identify the representational systems of the people that you deal with daily. Business NLP will assist you in communication and using the right words to get things done the way you want. It is an effective and necessary tool for any successful business person.

Combined with the NLP techniques in business, the seminar also covers a lot of material about sales and dealing with people, another important aspect for any business small or large.

NLP training in Lebanon. What is NLP?

Every time we ask ourselves this question, we discover a completely new and improved answer.

NLP is the most powerful tool that provides a fast and reliable method to open communication between our conscious and subconscious mind.

NLP is the best way to perceive our environment positively, learn from past events, and drive ourselves towards the future.

NLP teaches you how to deal with life.

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