Sales Training in Lebanon – Expanding Your Horizons

Fikr for training – a training for life provides an extensive sales training in Lebanon program that will change your sales team to star salespeople.
We work with each sales person individually to ensure that every participant receives the optimum from the seminar.
Our sale training program is different and unique. We GUARANTEE our training, we DELIVER results and We TRANSFORM your people from ordinary sales to extraordinary achievers.

The training is divided into Theoretical and Practical training.

1- Theoretical training:
All participants will get a closer and different look to the art of selling. Our sales approach is new, efficient and associated to the MIND function process. We want to ensure that our trainees are ready for the transformation and the challenge to get new and different perspective of the market, clients and singed contracts.

2- Practical training (workshop)
Here where the real world will be disclosed. All trainees will see the sales process in SAY and ACT. The sales pitch and the sales steps that are taught in the first step will be applied as realistically as though in the market with real clients.

During the practical process the trainer will intervene immediately to improve and guide the trainees to the right way

The topics covered:

  • Body Language
    • Read others body gestures
    • Control your body gestures
    • Pattern interrupt
  • Building character
    • Create the “achiever’s spirit”
    • Build your exceptional Character
    • Learn how to listen
    • Data collection
    • Personality transformation
    • Create the “new YOU”
    • Be different and friendly
    • Values
  • Sourcing new clients
  • How to speak on the phone to get the appointment
  • Introducing yourself to the client
  • Negotiation skills
    • Opening
    • During the process
    • Closing
  • Breaking the Ice
  • Building trust with the clients
  • Introducing the company and the product
  • Your sales pitch
    • How to talk
    • What to say
    • When to say
    • Your voice tone
  • How to introduce the price
  • Closing the Deal
    • Decision of signing
    • Preparation
    • applying
    • rehash
  • Follow up with clients
  • Up selling and cross selling
  • Repeat business

Sales training program by Jihad Abou Zeid

– Masters in law
 CPD certified in Management and leadership
– Master sales trainer
– Certified NLP Master practitioner and trainer by the American Union Of NLP ( AUNLP )

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