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Boost your confidence with confidence

Boost your confidence with confidence

Boost your confidence with confidence 
Join now a ONE day motivational training with Jihad Abou Zeid ( Fikr For Training), where you will:

– Unleash your positive attitude
– Meet with your limiting beliefs 
– Discover your internal system 
– Do things differently
– Acquire new perspectives
– Find the difference between what you WOULD DO and what you CAN DO
– Unlock, Reboot and Boost your potential
and many more

9:00 am 
A- Breakfast 
B- Meeting others
C- Filling forms

10:00 am 
The training starts. 
A- Intro, Your MINDSET is your best tool
B- Stress management
C- Conquer your limiting beliefs

11:00 am
A- Facing your fears techniques
B- From fears to strengths bridge (FSB techniques)
C- Getting rid of social anxiety
D- The OLD you vs NEW you
E- Doing it the right way

12:00 PM
A- Doing things differently
B- Boost your self esteem
C- Change your focus to you
D- Produce more positive thoughts they are your best investment 
E- Start your first public speaking

1:00 PM to 2:00 PM lunch break

2:00 PM
A- Team leading techniques
B- Be the leader and take command

3:00 PM
A- Teams vs each other
B- Teams are in action

4:00 PM 
A- Body language
B- Sales skills
C- Presentation skills

5:00 PM 
A- Certificates distribution 
B- Ending the day

Training date: Sat 25 / May
Training venue: Le Mall Dbayeh
Investment fee: $300 / Person
Early Bird: $275
Special fees for groups

Jihad says: Be many, No limited seats ( We dislike limitations )

About jihad Abou Zeid 
– Masters in law
– Master sales trainer
– Master NLP trainer 
– Author of end of PTSD era using NLP
– Life coach
– CPD certified Leadership and management 
– Motivational speaker

+961 3 67 61 61
+961 3 68 61 61