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NLP training in Lebanon by Jihad Abou Zeid

NLP Help is considered the most reliable, fast and accurate way to make a positive change. Your life will be more positive and relaxing. It helps you to increase your own level of energy.

NLP gives you the right tool to eliminate your negative and unwanted feelings easily. It teaches you how to replace your negativity with positivity. It helps you to go forward.

By using the NLP Help techniques we go back to the past to discover and see what happened in our life. Exploring the feelings, one by one. Delving into the reasons behind them. We take an overlook and understand the nature of the feelings and why they are causing us negative and unwanted emotions. Then, we change the unwanted ones in order to light our timeline.

As human beings we have a complex combination yet it is rich and full of emotional states. We feel happy, sad, powerful, and weak, we hate and love sometimes because of this beautiful nature that we have. All our emotions are invisible yet they show easily on our physiology. Our happy or sad emotions will be expressed through our physiology, giving a clear message of our feelings. Our language is our ambassador to the external world.

How NLP can help you?

By using NLP Help you will be able first of all to do the following:

  • Understand your emotions and feelings
  • Have a 360° view of what you are passing through
  • You will not be afraid of your feelings anymore
  • You will have the opportunity to delve into your feelings and change them to positive ones
  • By changing the meaning of your negative emotions you will be able to change your world
  • Getting rid of your negativity and those feelings that are taking you down, you will be able to live your present moment with joy and happiness.
  • You will plan for your future using your past experiences.
  • Change the meaning of your past negative experiences and shift them to become lessons and feedbacks. At this stage only those lessons will become the backbone of your presence and future structure.
  • Control yourself to be able to help others around you, switch their negativity to positivity and make their life easy.

Physiology and Neurology

Our physiology is heavily influenced by our nervous system. Most of our bodily pains are the result of emotional states.

When dealing with results only, the symptoms will keep floating and causing us pain, without knowing why and how we are going through this. With NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) we always strive to understand what happened and to discover the main turning event that is causing the bodily pains and symptoms. When dealing with the source, symptoms will disappear.

NLP deals greatly with Stress, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and other emotional states.
With NLP you will FEEL better to LIVE better.

STOP reliving your past

We usually relive our past more than once. Any intense event that happened in our life does not disappear easily, it will affect our presence and our future. This is the human nature. Things and events are continuously repeated and seen again. That’s what we call memories. We live by creating memories and by creating images and visuals inside our mind. Then we link those visuals to feelings and associate them to each other.

By using the NLP techniques we help you to dissociate from those feelings and emotions that can arise from some of our memories. NLP techniques will offer you instant relief. We remove the negative feelings and replace them with positivity and vision.

Through NLP Help techniques we deal with the past, we organize the present and we tend to the future with an optimistic point of view.

Life is too SHORT to remain stuck in the past, yet it is LONG enough to ENJOY our present and future.

We, at FIKR for training – a training for life™, are highly qualified to help you along this path.

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And always remember to FEEL better to LIVE better

NLP one to one Help in Lebanon By Jihad Abou Zeid:

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