What we offer

What we offer

At Fikr for training – a training for life™, we strive to deliver RESULTS and ACHIEVEMENTS. We go the extra mile just to make sure that your success journey is made by YOU.
With us you will develop a new vision, a new perspective to your whole world. You are the CAPTAIN of your OWN ship. You will discover your potentials, capabilities and unlimited resources.
What we offer is what everybody needs in life in order to succeed.

People are receiving the word in different ways. Every new perspective will enrich the time and the place we are living in. events are happening, Lessons are taught and people are living their own time in a global wide place. Everything is mixed and shared, People are attached with their events, Happiness, Good or bad moments. With the right training and guidance  the world will be more productive and synchronized.

We at Fikr for training – a training for life™ deliver the following services

  • Consultancy

    • Business consultancy

    • Marketing consultancy

    • HR consultancy

    • Personal consultancy


  • HR services by Tarek Moughabghab

    • HR Strategy

    • Organizational Structure & Design

    • HR Department Startup

    • Job Analysis & Job Description

    • HRIS, HR Processes & Policies

    • MOF, NSSF & MOL Compliance

    • Recruitment, Executive Search, Headhunting C-Level & Business Partners

    • Orientation, Onboarding & Training

    • Performance Appraisal & Management

    • Health & Safety

    • Compensation & Benefits

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