TFF Sales Training in Lebanon

Fikr for training – a training for life is proud to introduce the new TFF sales training in Lebanon program : Theory, Field , Follow up

It is a revolutionary sales training program where we help your company increase sales and we guarantee our results.

Theory –
TFF Sales Training in Lebanon

T stands for Theory sales training.

In this stage we conduct sales training in an office environment. Theory is combined with a workshop to practice possibilities, methods, and other scenarios imitating real life situations to prepare your sales people for real market scenarios. Furthermore, the office environment is a controlled environment, no matter how well we try to mimic the market conditions, it will almost always be a different situation when your salesperson meet with real clients.

There are some advantages and benefits in sales training in a controlled environment.  You can practice and learn the pitch, the body language, the Q & A and different behaviors which are not easy or possible to learn directly in the market. Mistakes would be too costly for your company if they were to happen directly with clients. As well as having to consider the implications this might have on your company’s reputation if your representative failed to give the correct professional image, or misbehaved in any way.  The results might be catastrophic.

Advantages of Controlled Training

One advantage of the controlled office environment is that the group gives feedback to the trainee. Each salesperson can act out a role play. This encourages the group to learn from each other’s mistakes. As well as group psychology,  the group gives each other positive energy and support.

A smart trainer will take full advantage of these points and will be able to produce a very strong sales team within your company. A team that is ready to tackle any situation in the market. A team that will close deals and sign contracts. The role of the trainer can never be underestimated in motivating your team, giving them the needed support and building their self confidence along the way.

Field –
TFF Sales Training in Lebanon

F for Field sales Training. So why do you need that if already we did our full work in the office?

Well simply because the field training is a reinforcement of what your team have learned in the office. The field training provides further support in a real life environment and gives your sales person more confidence in handling clients, specially difficult clients. We will help him / her close more deals, meet more targets and increase sales efficiently.

Fikr for training – a training for life has given a lot of thought to this sales training program and is offering the TFF sales program to medium and large companies. If your team is over 20 sales people, in any field or industry, then you can benefit from our sales training.

Feedback & Reinforcement

The Field Training is a complete new training program, never offered before in the Middle East.  It provides a great opportunity to work directly with your sales team in the market, or in the Field. We can immediately give feedback and support to your team members after they have been to live sales appointments. This will increase their self confidence and motivates them further even if they face rejection, which is a normal part of every sales process. The most important thing in the Field training is to tackle the live problems that your sales team members may face in live environment. We continuously remind them of their training, to reinforce what they have learnt, re-motivate and re-energize the team members, collectively and individually.

In this stage of the training, we handle the inner fears of the individual sales members, and help them overcome it.  We find their weaknesses and help them strengthen them, and give them the confidence that they have the backing of the company behind them. We continuously reinforce the strengths of the company, service and products they are offering.

Follow up –
TFF Sales Training in Lebanon

F for Follow up. After spending time in the office, and time in the field, Fikr provides your team with the last important stage of the TFF sales program: Follow up.

For a few weeks we will continue to monitor your team and tweak with each sales individually. Keeping the salespeople aligned with the training given and bring them back if they sway away from the mainstream. Monitor and follow up by meeting with them on several occasions. We retrain, motivate, and provide support when needed.

What we are effectively offering you as a company is more than a simple sales training program.  We go the extra mile to ensure that our training is enforced correctly to directly benefit your company and is translated to increased sales and profitability for your company.

Increasing Your Sales

If you are serious about building your sales team, and serious about sales growth this year, and increase in the number of deals and contracts closed, then you should speak to us about the TFF sales program. No other company or trainer offers so much as we do with the TFF. We are so sure of our training methods that we guarantee our results.

The Extra Mile

Most sales training begins and end there, in the office with the Theory Training. Very few would dare to take the next two steps that Fikr is proposing in this program.

So why do we embark on this extra mile?

Simply because we believe in what we do, and we intend for our company and your sales team to succeed.  Furthermore, we guarantee our method and are more than happy to prove that our methods works.

  • We have been there.
  • Done that.
  • Our trainers are direct sales people.
  • We continue to work as sales.
  • Leading sales teams to success for the past 20 years.
  • Teaching what we do, simple, practical and directly to the point.

If you cannot drive, you cannot teach driving.
Only a STAR salesman can be your best sales TRAINER..

TFF sales training program by Jihad Abou Zeid

– Masters in law
– CPD certified in Management and leadership
– Master sales trainer
– Certified NLP Master practitioner and trainer by The International Union of NLP ( IUNLP )
– Click the logo to check IUNLP website:

Tff sales training program
Training is available in Arabic.
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