Personality Development

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Personality development is a course for all levels, and is quite heavy in content, as the practical element is the major part of the training.  The training involves working on a personal level with each attendee both as an individual and as part of the team. At the end of the course, the participants and their friends, colleagues and family, notice a positive change in their personalities.
This is by no means a theoretical course, or a sales course, it is a general personality development that deals at all levels, from body language, to thinking patterns, interacting with people around them and handling problems, overcoming fears, setting objectives and goal achieving.
Much of the training scenarios and examples are based on business scenarios, but the results apply to everyday life both professional and personal.
Some of the topics the training deals with:
–  Correct body language
–  How to act in any situation
–  Reacting quickly in times of unexpected challenges
–  Making fast and correct decisions in times of stress
–  Building trust with your colleagues and clients
–  Thinking positively and finding solutions to problems
–  Think creatively and out of the box
–  Positively influencing the people around you
–  Being in control of yourself and of any situation no matter how challenging
–  Focusing on your life and objectives
–  Setting and achieving your targets
–  Succeeding in your career
–  Leading others by example

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