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Jihad Abou Zeid, founder of FIKR for training – a training for life ™, is a Master Sales Trainer,  NLP Master Practitioner and NLP master trainer, certified by the American Union of NLP.
He is a Business Executive Trainer who is an expert and a top professional in sales training and in dealing with clients. He has trained thousands of trainees in the past 15 years.
His unique training methods has changed many people’s lives and attitudes. The training that Jihad delivers is in the form of presenting the material with live examples, lecturing and direct interaction with all participants, followed by a training workshop and role playing where all participants will take part in groups and as individuals to reenact the principles they have learned.



Jihad Abou Zeid has a Masters Degree in Law, yet he found his real passion in sales.
He started his career as a door to door salesman achieving high sales targets consistently. After one year he became a manager and a partner in the company. Later he established his own business. This, along with his natural HR and negotiation skills, helped him to discover his true passion in training and motivating others to achieve star results.



Jihad is:

  • Regional director and a partner at Dynamic Dezyne intl
  • Owner of Realty Lebanon (Lebanon’s Premium Realtor)
  • Owner of FIKR for training – a training for life ™
  • Holding Masters in Law
  • CPD accredited in Leadership and Management
  • Master Sales trainer
  • NLP Master practitioner
  • Certified and accredited trainer by the American union of Neuro Linguistic Programming  (AUNLP)


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Check for our calendar for scheduled seminars in 2016. If you are interested in a special training program for your company, contact us to discuss your requirements, we can schedule tailor made training workshops created to suit your needs and specifications.



Fikr provides several NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training programs that are certified by the American Union of NLP.

Our NLP training goes beyond the basics to include real life techniques that will help you to generate positive change in your life and the lives of your friends, family and others.


TTF Sales Training Program is a unique approach to building a sales team from the ground up. We go beyond the theoretical training and the role playing workshop, to actual practical implementation in the market. 

FIKR Guarantees sales increase with this program. We go beyond the theory into the practical, and follow up your team both in the market and the office, providing solutions to challenges they face, plus a regular power meetings at the office, to ensure they can do in practice what they learned in theory.


Our courses cover the full spectrum of sales funnel, from the beginning of sourcing and finding prospects, to the follow up and closing the deal.

The process of the sales funnel requires accurate measuring of performance of your sales team, which will help you to achieve more and plan better for your future sales.


Our Life Coaching is designed to help people live their lives fully and achieve success on a personal and professional levels. We offer both one to one coaching, and group coaching.

Life coaching is about helping you to set your life path on the right track, help you to define your goals and set a plan to achieve these goals, to find happiness and satisfaction and to follow your passions. Live the life you were born to live. Live the Life You Deserve.

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NLP Training in Lebanon and the Middle East

Jihad Abou Zeid, founder of FIKR, is a Master Sales Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner and trainer, certified by the American Union of NLP

Fikr provides several NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training programs that are certified by the American Union of NLP and presented by the NLP trainer Jihad Abou Zeid:
( All participants who pass the test will get a certificate from the American Union of NLP – AUNLP )

1- NLP Practitioner

We train interested people to become NLP practitioners so that they can practice NLP to change their lives, as well as to practice NLP on others to help them solve their problems and live a more positive life.

NLP can be used to transform people’s lives to the better, help them acquire new habits, and forsake habits that are no longer needed. NLP can help people get over past issues in their lives and move forward to achieve new successes or to live a happier more fulfilling lives.

NLP can also be learned simply to improve communications in the business world, or on a personal level.

Whatever the reason for learning NLP, it is a very enjoyable experience that ends with an exam and a certificate from AUNLP (American Union of NLP).

2- NLP Master Practitioner

If you would like to take NLP further, Fikr provides another certified program for NLP Master Practitioner, where more details into techniques and more understanding of how NLP works.

Our programs do not waste time on unnecessary details, but rather focuses on the essential techniques and incorporate workshops to ensure that NLP is practiced correctly to achieve results.

At the end of the program, an exam must be passed before certification from the American Union of NLP is given to successful participants.

3- NLP Trainer

For those who would like to make their career in NLP, we offer a program to become a trainer of NLP. You must have achieved the NLP Master program first before applying for this program.

The NLP Trainer program is quite heavy as it requires the participant not only to have practiced NLP extensively but also to be able to communicate his knowledge to others. This program is also certified based on an exam that must be passed. The certificate from the  American Union of NLP is given to successful participants.

4- NLP Techniques in Business

Fikr provides several training courses in Business, most notably is the sales training and the leadership training. NLP is incorporated into all these courses to help participants communicate better, understand the body language of their clients, co workers, peers or subordinates, and use NLP to effectively achieve positive results, prevent conflict, and to manage better communications.

NLP techniques are useful for everyone, including HR and people in leadership positions that need to effectively manage others. NLP provides a positive way to influence and motivate your team.

For more information and a free consultation, contact one of our consultants for an appointment.

Who needs sales training?

Everyone is selling something most of the time. When a baby looks cute and smiles at you, they are selling themselves, when a child gives you a cute look that you cant resist, they are selling themselves or want something from you.

In business we need star sales for our businesses to survive. Entrepreneurs must be good sales persons if they are to see their idea come to life, otherwise they must partner with a great salesperson, or hire star sales and create a sales team.

Is Sales training a must? 

Absolutely! It is untrue that people either have it or don’t, and that some people are born with sales skills while others can’t sell even if their life depended on it. That is a myth. Sales, just like most skills in life can be taught and mastered. Sales training is an absolute must for any organisation looking to survive and grow, specially in the more competitive world of today. Sales training is not an option, it should be part of any serious business strategy.

What added value does sales training provide?

Several things can give an added value with the right sales training, such as motivation, new negotiation skills, new sales strategies, new insights into sales channels and many more personal traits and habits that can be acquired from the right sales training courses and workshops.

What is also very important is the retraining and continual support given to the sales team. Learning is a continuous process that enables the sales people to stay empowered and ahead of the competition.

Fikr provides sales training courses to empower people and improve sales of the company.

Our coaching services are based on long experience of helping people change their lives and become achievers. We offer one to one coaching, as well as group coaching.

In our coaching we help individuals to achieve positive effects in their lives, we coach them to create positive change and to ensure that change is permanent.

Our coaching methods use a variety of techniques, from helping individuals to find their solutions, as well as using NLP techniques to create reprogramming and to implant new habits into the personality.

We provide businesses with an insight into their challenges, where we can help them improve their business methods to achieve more efficiency, higher sales and profits.

Our consultants work with your business as partners, looking at all the details large and small, and proposing improvements at all levels including a marketing strategy and new sales channels to achieve your goals.

Our consultants can also work with you to open new markets, and to reach new clients whether it is online, through franchises or new distribution channels. The challenges that you face will become easier to handle with the new ideas and innovative solutions.

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