The New Generation of NLP

We offer NLP training certified by the International Union of NLP (IUNLP), including membership. Our comprehensive courses range from beginner to master practitioner and even trainer programs.
NLP empowers individuals to improve communication and achieve their goals by facilitating positive life changes.

Leadership skills have a significant impact on people. Good leaders inspire, motivate, and empower others, creating a positive working environment and promoting teamwork and collaboration. Effective leadership can also lead to increased job satisfaction, employee engagement, and performance.

Good communication skills can have a profound impact on both organizations and individuals. This translates into improved collaboration and teamwork, stronger relationships, increased productivity, enhanced career prospects, efficient conflict resolution, and improved customer service.

New Generation of NLP

Embark on a journey of profound transformation with our exclusive “New Generation of NLP” seminar, led by the visionary trainer and developer, Jihad Abou Zeid.

Why Attend?

Unlock the potential of your subconscious mind over 6 immersive days starting in July 2024. This life-changing seminar is tailored for those seeking personal growth, increased earnings, freedom from anxiety, and deeper, more meaningful relationships.

By using NGNLP techniques, we can help ourselves and others overcome negative feelings and begin living fulfilling lives that we deserve.

For the first time, the new generation of NLP (NGNLP) reveals the crucial role of the subconscious mind and its incredible support. Through evidence, NGNLP helps you understand that you possess all the resources you need within your subconscious mind. You were born naturally equipped to succeed.

NGNLP teaches you how to utilize and benefit from your existing resources, and how to develop new ones to excel in life, and most importantly to stop blaming your subconscious for resisting the change.

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Who needs to learn NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)

– Sales people / Managers / Team leaders
– Business directors / Business owners
– Trainers / Life coaches
– Teachers / Professors / Students
– Parents

Actually everybody needs to learn NLP 

– Psychiatrists / Psychotherapists / Psychologists
– Doctors
– Lawyers
– Politicians
– Journalists 

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NGNLP Practitioner Training - Welcome to the world of the New Generation of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), The science and art of resetting your brain.

In this seminar you will widen your vision and your knowledge as follows:

1- You will learn how to control your feelings, turn the negative to positive. 
2- Get rid of your fears, Learn how to make steps forward.
3- Establishing better rapport with others, you will be a better communicator.
4- You will discover your potential, to know what you are really able to do.
5- You will learn how to find solutions for your conflicts in business and in personal life.
6- Become more confident
7- Learn how to change your unwanted behavior
8- Successful attendees will be certified from the International Union of NLP (UK) as NLP practitioners
9- All Attendees will be listed on the IUNLP website as practitioners

NGNLP Master Practitioner Seminar provides in depth training on NGNLP and techniques.

At the end of the seminar, a written test will determine eligibility for certification from IUNLP (The International Union of NLP) for successful participants.

The seminar is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on theory and explanation, covering The New Generation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NGNLP) fundamentals, advanced techniques, human behavior, and the science of the mind. The second part emphasizes practical application, providing participants with hands-on experience to integrate and utilize the learnings from the seminar.

NGNLP for Executives

Executives, by nature and personality, are distinguished individuals who strive to stay ahead. They possess a constant drive to learn, lead, and produce.

This is precisely why the NLP for Executives course was created – a leadership training program designed for those who demand excellence.

FIKR for training – a training for life ™ – offers a dedicated program for those who want to reach the top and stay ahead of the curve. This unique course combines the most advanced NGNLP techniques to empower you. It starts by equipping you with control over your own emotional and mental state, then progresses to teach you how to effectively influence others.

By mastering self-management, you gain the skills to lead and navigate both business and personal situations with confidence.

Learning Acceleration Program developed by Jihad Abou Zeid

  • Learning should be interesting, interactive and fun
  • Students are learning new skills and gaining knowledge, they are inquisitive by nature.
  • Learning is a main function of the human brain and part of growth and development.



  • The gap
  • The challenge
  • The solution
  • Techniques
  • Levels of learning
  • Learning zones

Empowering Women Program

The Empowering Women program, utilizing NGNLP techniques, has established itself as a highly effective tool for enhancing women’s leadership and business capabilities.

This program has demonstrably helped businesswomen and CEOs achieve significant career advancement.

By incorporating powerful NGNLP techniques, women can develop greater strength, confidence, and decision-making skills, ultimately leading to increased comfort and success in their professional endeavors.

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