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We provide NLP training that is certified by the American Union of NLP and provide membership of AUNLP. Our courses range from beginner to master and trainer programs. NLP help people communicate better and help change their lives to achieve their goals.

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Our Life coaching program is to help you achieve your dreams and to find solutions to problems that are stopping you from living the life that you deserve. Life coaching is about working with you to overcome the challenges and find the path to happiness & success.

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Our sales training program is designed to produce star sales people, where sales is a scientific process that can be taught to anyone. We also offer various business training programs for leadership, follow up, HR, custom care, talking on the phone and others.

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Sales TFF Program

Our unique Sales TFF program will help ensure that your investment in your sales team will be guaranteed to increase your sales. We train your team in Theory and workshops, followed by practice in the field and we follow up your team at your offices to ensure success.

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NLP training in Lebanon by Jihad Abou Zeid

Join us @ Radisson Blue Hotel Verdun, Beirut, Lebanon 

With NLP you will learn how to:

– Enhance your sales & presentation skills.
– Establishing better rapport with others, You will be a better communicator.
– Control your time – Advanced time management techniques.
– Discover your potential, to know what you are able to do.
– Solve conflicts in business and in personal life.
– Become more organized and a great planner
– Boost your confidence
– Change your unwanted behavior
– Generate new positive and effective behaviors
– Control your feelings, turn the negative to positive.
– Overcome your fears, learn how to take steps forward.

– Successful attendees will be certified from the American union of NLP as NLP practitioners
– All Attendees will be listed on the AUNLP website as NLP practitioners
– Many more exciting positive changes in your life

Who needs to learn NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)

    • Sales people / Managers / Team leaders
    • Business directors / Business owners
    • Psychiatrists / Psychotherapists / Psychologists
    • Doctors
    • Lawyers
    • Teachers / Professors / Students
    • Parents

Actually everybody needs to learn NLP   /   Call now +961 3 67 61 61

NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ), is considered the most reliable method to understand the way your brain is rolling.

By using NLP techniques, we help ourselves and others to get rid of our negative feelings and start living a normal life, the positive life that we deserve.

For the first time, NLP techniques, The New Generation, will reveal the importance of the subconscious mind and how supportive it is.

For the first time we will understand that we have all the resources we need inside our subconscious mind and that we were born naturally equipped to succeed.

NLP will teach you how to use and get benefit from all the ready resources that you have. Will teach you how to develop new ones so you excel in your life.

Books by Jihad Abou Zeid

Click here to find my published books

1- End of PTSD era using NLP, the new generation, Developed by Jihad Abou Zeid

2- Geometric techniques to remove stress and anxiety


Welcome to the world of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), The science and art of excellence.

in this seminar you will widen your vision and your knowledge as follows:

1- You will learn how to control your feelings, turn the negative to positive. 
2- Get rid of your fears, Learn how to make steps forward.
3- Establishing better rapport with others, you will be a better communicator.
4- You will discover your potential, to know what you are really able to do.
5- You will learn how to find solutions for your conflicts in business and in personal life.
6- Become more confident
7- Learn how to change your unwanted behavior
8- Successful attendees will be certified from the American union of NLP as NLP practitioners
9- All Attendees will be listed on the AUNLP website as practitioners


NLP Master Practitioner Seminar provides in depth training on NLP and techniques.

At the end of the seminar, a written test will result in certification from AUNLP (The American Union of NLP) for the successful participants.

The seminar is in two parts, one is theory and explanation of the NLP and in depth techniques, understanding of the human behavior and the mind wiring. The other part is all about practice, so that the participants can gain hands on experience during the training, and can see and put into action all they have learned during the seminars.

NLP for executives

Executive people are distinguished ones, they always want to be ahead due to their nature and their personality. They are always eager to learn, lead and produce. That is why NLP for executives course has been created as a leadership training course.

FIKR for training – a training for life ™, has dedicated a special training program for those who want to be on the top and ahead of things. This special training course is combining the most advanced NLP techniques to help the trainees to control their emotional and mental state, as a start, and to transmit it to others as a second step. People who know how to control themselves will know how to lead and how to handle others through business and life.

nlp training in lebanon
nlp training in lebanon

Learning Acceleration Program developed
by Jihad Abou Zeid

    • Learning should be interesting, interactive and fun
    • Students are learning new skills and gaining knowledge, they are inquisitive by nature.
    • Learning is a main function of the human brain and part of growth and development.


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The challenge
The solution
Levels of learning
Learning zones

Empowering Women Program


The Empowering Women program using NLP techniques has proven to be the best and the most reliable program to enhance women capabilities in leadership and business.

This program has helped business women and CEOs to greatly achieve and proceed with their career.

By using the right NLP techniques, women will become stronger, more confident, better decision makers and of course more comfortable.

nlp training in lebanon