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We provide NLP training that is certified by the American Union of NLP and provide membership of AUNLP. Our courses range from beginner to master and trainer programs. NLP help people communicate better and help change their lives to achieve their goals.

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Our Life coaching program is to help you achieve your dreams and to find solutions to problems that are stopping you from living the life that you deserve. Life coaching is about working with you to overcome the challenges and find the path to happiness & success.

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Our sales training program is designed to produce star sales people, where sales is a scientific process that can be taught to anyone. We also offer various business training programs for leadership, follow up, HR, custom care, talking on the phone and others.

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Sales TFF Program

Our unique Sales TFF program will help ensure that your investment in your sales team will be guaranteed to increase your sales. We train your team in Theory and workshops, followed by practice in the field and we follow up your team at your offices to ensure success.

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NLP and sales training Lebanon

sales training in Lebanon,
NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) This Course is certified By: The American Union of NLP
NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) This Course is certified By: The American Union of NLP

Our Unique Sales TFF Program
Our Unique Sales TFF Program

TFF – Theory, Field & Follow up

Guaranteed Success!

Boost your confidence training
Boost your confidence training

Life Coaching
Life Coaching




Personality Development
Personality Development

How To Become A Successful Trainer
How To Become A Successful Trainer

One to One consultancy
One to One consultancy

Sales training
Sales training

Neuro-Linguistic Programming By Jihad Abou Zeid

NLP is the art of excellence and peak performance.

Enjoy the videos and wait for many more videos to share

April 27  /  7 pm to 8 pm

i will be discussing the PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) and how we can resolve the negative symptoms using the new generation of NLP techniques

nlp training by jihad abou zeid

Downtown, Beirut



Join now a ONE day MOTIVATIONAL training with Jihad Abou Zeid (Fikr For Training), where you will:

  • Unleash your positive attitude
  • Meet and conquer your limiting beliefs
  • Discover your internal system
  • Do things differently
  • Acquire new perspectives
  • Find the difference between what you WOULD DO and what you CAN DO
  • Unlock, Reboot and Boost your potential
  • Your MINDSET is your best tool
  • Stress management
  • From fears to strengths bridge (FSB techniques)

  • Getting rid of social anxiety
  • The OLD you vs NEW you
  • Boost your self esteem
  • Change your focus to you
  • Produce more positive thoughts they are your best investment
  • Start your first public speaking
  • Be the leader and take command
  • Body language
  • Sales skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Workshop