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Control Your Life

Imagine getting on an airplane , and as the plane doors close, you along with other passengers fasten your seat belts, and as you sit comfortably into your seats, you hear the captain of the plane on the loud speakers welcoming all on board and saying:

” Good morning to all passengers on Flight 101, this is your captain Jones Smith speaking, and I am going to wish you all a pleasant and safe trip.

We are going to fly at an altitude of 30,000 feet, we are not sure what the weather conditions will be, but we hope for good weather ahead.

I am also not sure of where we are heading. We shall try to go north. If that doesn’t work we can always turn and try west instead, and hopefully will reach some great destination before our fuel runs out.

In the meantime, we will be serving some refreshments and some delicious meals during the flight. Let us hope we reach some kind of destination before we run out of food and drinks.

But don’t worry, we have a full tank of fuel. So we have at least 10 hours of flying before we figure out where to go and what to do. And I am 100% positive, we will somehow make it to a happy ending 🙂

Enjoy your trip.”

I bet before the captain finishes his speech, you would be OUT of your seat, screaming at the flight attendant to STOP the plane and let you out. NO WAY you are going to risk your life with such a crazy captain!! How can you get on a plane where there is no definite destination, and leaving everything to chance.

Do you have a life plan?

Well, think about your life for a moment. Do you have a clear plan? Is your life under your control? Is there a clear destination? or are you riding on the path of your life like that Captain Smith with no plan or destination, and just hoping for the best before your fuel runs out ?

This seminar is about control. Controlling your life, setting a path, defining clear goals, learning how to act and react according to whatever conditions cross your path, and finding the way and resolve to achieve success.